On May 6, 2019, NetSuite will activate an account-specific domain in your production account.

What Users Can Expect

There is no change in the way users will access the production account. Users will access the account in the usual way, by logging into NetSuite.

Currently, when users log in to your NetSuite production account, the URL in the browser looks like this:
https:// system.netsuite.com/app/center/card.nl?sc=-29&whence=

On May 6, 2019, account-specific domains will be active in your production account. When users log in as usual, the browser will redirect users to your account-specific domain. Users may notice that the URL in the browser has changed, as shown in this example (where the account ID is 123456):

https:// 123456.app.netsuite.com/app/center/card.nl?sc=-29&whence=

Recommended Actions

You may need to update your company’s firewall to allow access from your account-specific domain before May 6, 2019. See Firewall Configuration below.

Firewall Configuration

Several NetSuite help topics suggest adding “*.netsuite.com” to your firewall configuration. This is not always possible. If the firewall in your company’s infrastructure abides by strict rules, it will not accept URLs that include an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character. If this is the case for your company, you must add your account-specific domains to the firewall configuration.

To update your company firewall to accommodate your account-specific domain:

An example of the new account-specific domains for the UI that need to be added to your firewall is like the following, where the represents a variable that you must replace with the account ID of your production account:

Add to your firewall: For example, if your production account ID was 123456, you would add this to your firewall:
https://.app.netsuite.com https://123456.app.netsuite.com

Benefits of an Account-Specific Domain in the UI

When both your production and your sandbox accounts have account-specific domains, it will be easier to access both accounts at the same time, in separate tabs in the same browser. See the following procedure.

To access your production and sandbox account at the same time:

After this change, you will be able to access both your production account and your sandbox simultaneously. The method for doing so is slightly different than the method currently documented in the Help Center.

  1. Open your browser and log in to your NetSuite production account.
  2. Select a role in your sandbox account, but right-click and specify “Open in a different tab”.
  3. Click the tab with your production account role.
  4. Click Login and log in to NetSuite again.

Now, you have active sessions in both your production and your sandbox account. If you have multiple sandbox accounts, and the account-specific domain is active in all your accounts, you can use the procedure with any sandbox in which has an account-specific domain.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us. 

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